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Titles Removed from bookstores by author, Dr. Phillip Goble, AFII.

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Bible Verse Shake for Kids has 20 simplified memory verses for kids & memorization aids for Fruit of Spirit and The Lord's Prayer. 
Chapter Shake   Memorize specific chapters where specific topics like the 10 Commandments and Fruit of the Spirit are in the Bible. 

AFII App created for Artists for Israel International organization, ownership transferred 2016.
Commands of Christ,  Coming 2022.


eBook Published Titles for Author/Translator Dr. Phillip Goble:
The Orthodox Jewish Bible, The One Year Orthodox Jewish Bible,  Hebrew and Yiddish Orthodox Jewish Bibles Translated by Dr. Phillip E. Goble, Artists for Israel International.  
Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Messianic Yeshiva
The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha
How to Point to Yeshua in Your Rabbi's Bible
The Rabbi from Tarsus
The Complete Book for Artists for Israel
Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Messianic Synagogue
The New Creation Book for Muslims
- Arabic,  co-authored with Salim Munayer
The New Creation Book for Muslims
 - Urdu/English,  co-authored with Salim Munayer

Other Published eBooks:
Redemption Rock Church Cookbook

Books Available on GooglePlay. Select English versions available on iBooks, Kindle & Nook. As noted, some removed by author.