Bible Verse Shake for Kids iPhone application. This has  20 simplified memory verses for kids & memorization aids for Fruit of Spirit and The Lord's Prayer. This App includes verses from the Orthodox Jewish Bible as a separate option for study.  

Chapter Shake.  Memorize specific chapters where specific topics like the 10 Commandments and Fruit of the Spirit are in the Bible. 

Commands of Christ  ​Coming 2018.

eBook Published Titles for Author/Translator Dr. Phillip Goble:

The Orthodox Jewish Bible, The One Year Orthodox Jewish Bible,  Hebrew and Yiddish Orthodox Jewish Bibles Translated by Dr. Phillip E. Goble, Artists for Israel International.  

  • Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Messianic Yeshiva
  • The Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha
  • How to Point to Yeshua in Your Rabbi's Bible
  • The Rabbi from Tarsus
  • The Complete Book for Artists for Israel
  • Everything You Need to Know to Grow a Messianic Synagogue
  • The New Creation Book for Muslims -Arabic​ co-authored with Salim Munayer
  • The New Creation Book for Muslims-Urdu/English  co-authored with Salim Munayer

​​Other Published eBooks:
Redemption Rock Church Cookbook

All of these Books Available on GooglePlay. Select English versions available on iBooks, Kindle & Nook. 

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