SwordForLife Software™

SwordForLife Software™ does not consider nor accept business to publish any manuscript  that has explicit or profane language, topics that speak against Jewish or Christian beliefs and/or Holy Word according to that which is established within the Jewish Tanakh and the Holy Bible.  I do not consider any book that does not comply with Strafgesetzbuch section 86a.

 .TXT  .DOCX & Pages file Conversion Services Provided for starting base price of $350

FREE or PAID book accounts must be setup by author.
1 Book File conversion
Phone & email customer support service.
Graphics (30) in .jpg or .png format.
Copies of converted files to author.
Metadata Review with author.
Provide movie format in mpeg4 format.
Author keeps 100% of profits from sales unless agreement states otherwise.
Review document sent to author for proofreading approval prior to conversion, if changes made.
Distribution to iBooks, Kindle, GoogleBooks/GooglePlay  Stores
Provide review of entering each publishers site with usernames and passwords to view book and sales reports.

Your privacy is held in strictest confidence.  The information on the metadata form as well as the Nook, Kindle & iTunes Connect paid book application forms, if I fill them out for you is input then deleted from my possession once books are approved by publishers. 

General Pricing Extras:

Setting up FREE or PAID (Apple, Kindle, & GooglePlay) book accounts for first Book is $100, plus author is required to provide tax ID, non-profit 501 (c)(3) proof (if claiming), ISBN and banking information for auto-deposit by eBook providers. Email address, Usernames and passwords will need to be provided if author sets up own  accounts.  Private information received is secure, will be used only to set up accounts and will then destroyed.  
Setup for creating new email account for eBooks for the author is additional $50 and will be a gmail.com email address. Author suggested name for email can be submitted.  Again, passwords, etc. are private and will be destroyed upon submission approvals.
Editing changes $20 per instance after book is submitted.
Reformatting fee for readability starts at $50, depending on significant nature of changes will incur hourly fee.
Active iBook touch glossary $20 for 50 entries, $40 for 100, cost for more than 100 entries shall be privately arranged.
Conversion of images/movie files or resizing $5 per image, $10 per movie. 
Table of Contents formatting: $5 per chapter or section.

The editing instances noted above are discussable and would require payment prior to changes being made.  I prefer to discuss the project at the beginning, after receipt and review of manuscript, with author as a consultation so that the issues of pricing 'extras' can be avoided if possible.  I will suggest changes the author should make, if author prefers that I perform changes, I will review extent of changes required and provide pricing prior to a signed agreement.  The glossary is a separate option altogether.  I prefer to work together with the author to assure satisfaction. SwordForLife Software does not check for plagiarism or already published works.  This is sole responsibility and liability risk of the author.

Suggestions for submittal preparation:

1. I do not edit for grammar, spelling or syntax errors without extra charges. Please proofread file well. 
​2.  I prefer books submitted in  either .TXT .DOCX file or Apple Pages formats with justified alignment.   No other formatting is necessary.  Formatting changes to eliminate excesses will incur an additional charge.

3.  Prepare Metadata form for your book. 


4.  12 pt font size is recommended as readers can alter size of print themselves.  Chapter Titles can be 14 or larger as desired.

5.  Please Use a standard font.  Times New Roman, Courier New or Georgia.

6.  Do not use page numbers in paragraphs to specifically site references to other pages as each eBook reader considers a page differently.

7.  Any tables or charts should be submitted as ordinary text files separately.

8.   Cover Art: .jpg, .png, .tif format 1400 X 1873 pixels is minimum. 72dpi min. and RGB color.

9.  Please do not use text wrapping around images. Images/pictures should be in their own space inline with text.

10.   Please do not use large letters to start off a paragraph with text wrapped around the large letter. This does not convert into epub formats.

11.   Publishing information, addresses, dates, ISBN and copyrights as well as acknowledgments should be within first few pages.

12.    I prefer open communication.  Calls or emails will be answered swiftly, not charged for, unless excessively abused. 13.    The Strafgesetzbuch section 86a must be followed or I will not accept offer to publish work.  It is part of standard publishing rules.

14.    Graphics must be in .jpg, mp4 or .mov formats for iBooks .jpg pictures or drawings.  Double check each image or movie for clarity.  Pixellated view of images will reject book from some stores. 

15. Usernames, passwords and other private information from the setup of your publisher accounts will be required for manuscript submission. All private information is secure and is destroyed upon submission approvals from publishing companies.

Now some rules from Apple: Book must be accurate, the content suggested by the title and art must be consistent with contents.  Book cannot be misleading as to its content.  Book must be complete, no missing chapters or references to items not contained within submission.